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A Bulldog Buffet Party:

featuring the Sterno Buffet Chafer provided by Tryazon!



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It’s (Finally!) Fall in the South, Ya’ll!! I am so excited that it is time to break out my sweaters, scarves and boots! The holidays are also right around the corner which means celebrations, gatherings and family.

Fall in the South also means one very important detail… College Football! Rivalries go deep, team spirit runs rampant and weekends tend to revolve around what time your favorite team is playing! I come from a family that strongly supports the Georgia Bulldogs. Thank heavens I look good in both red and black.. It’s a given that friends and family get together to watch the game. It also means extra time with great people and of course good food! I mean, can you even watch a game without the appropriate snacks??

Last weekend the game fell on Saturday afternoon. How convenient that I had been selected as a host for the Tryazon Sterno Home Buffet Party! I received a party pack featuring the Sterno Buffet Chafer set that would allow me to host a party with delicious food without worrying if everything would stay hot for guests to enjoy!

I know I talk about the Tryazon website quite a bit in my blog. But, I am seriously so in love with this site that allows me to try out cool new products and share them with my friends. If you have not checked them out yet give this link a click and see the fun you are missing out on by not being a member.

Once I received the email that I had been chosen for the Sterno Home Buffet Party I let out a celebratory yell and got to party planning! One of my favorite things is a great brunch. In fact I have always wanted to one! I have been a bit leery to do so since breakfast foods tend to go from hot to cold as soon as you finish cooking them… The Sterno Buffet Chafer was the perfect solution to hosting a spectacular brunch party! Now that my buffet fears had been #SolvedBySterno it was time to plan a menu and get the party planning rolling! I was thrilled when my party kit arrived and immediately got familiar with my new Buffet Chafer!

The Sterno Buffet Chafer is super easy to set up! Each can of Sterno fuel provides 2.25 hours of wonderful heat. Since the Buffet Chafer comes complete with 2 deep food pans we used two cans of fuel to keep each dish warm. I am happy to report that these two fuel cans kept our food warm and fresh through the entire football game and party! The elements of the Buffet Chafer include:

  • Easy Storage Foldable Frame
  • 2 Fuel Holders
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • 1 Fuel Holder Tray
  • 1 Foldable Frame
  • 1 Lid
  • 1 – 4″ Deep Water Pan
  • 2 – 2″ Deep Food Pans

The Sterno Buffet Chafer is available from a ton of different retailers. Of course I love items that can be ordered and delivered quickly so I am posting the link to purchase the Chafer from Amazon. This way you can order one for yourself and have it in plenty of time for the upcoming Holidays!

I would also check out the Sterno website to view all of the amazing products they offer! It is basically giving me endless ideas for entertaining, camping and even emergenices! I am hooked on Sterno!!

Like I said the set up for our buffet was SUPER easy! I think the hardest part was deciding what delicious recipes to make.. Unfold the frame, insert the fuel holder trays and fuel cans. Next pour hot water into the water pan, light the fuel cans and insert the food pans. Lastly, add your delicious food and get ready for worry free entertaining!

IMG_20171111_165915_853 (2)

The Bulldogs Buffet spread was a huge hit! We ended up with quite a variety of food. I was so excited to include a delicious french toast and breakfast casserole in the Sterno Buffet Chafer as these are extremely difficult to prepare and keep warm for a large gathering. The buffet chafer made this so easy and the food did not cool down until we finally blew out the flames on the Sterno Fuel Cans.

Also, how cool are those Mirage Flameless LED Pillar Wax candles that Tryazon sent in the party pack!? They have the look of real flickering candles without the flame. They are battery operated, made of real wax and have a programmable timer! You can buy a set here to always have on hand!

H Buffet Spread 1

I love the fact the lid for the Buffet Chafer can be kept close while the finishing touches are being put into place for entertaining. Once it is time for everyone to dig in  the lid can be easily propped open using the frame for a great presentation to your dishes and easy serving!

D 2 Ready tp serve

We had a bunch of hungry Bulldogs fans and plenty of food so we set up an additional buffet full of delicious food!

I Buffet Spread 3

The Sterno Buffet Chafer made our Gourmet Gameday a total “Touchdown”! It was easy to use, provided hours of warm food and “tackled” my biggest concerns with a buffet party! Thank you Sterno and Tryazon!!

Full details on our Bulldog Brunch are below if you are thinking about hosting your own Gourmet Gameday or perfect brunch affair! I am including links for most of the recipes we used to create our delicious feast!

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Full Menu:

Our Gameday Gourmet Bulldog Brunch was a total success! We had great people, delicious food that stayed hot and the bulldogs won the game! Woohoo! It doesn’t get much better then that! Below are a few more photos of our fun Sterno Buffet Home Party and happy guests!

Leave a comment and let me know if you have tried any great Sterno products that made your life easier! Also, please let me know if you have any great brunch recipes I can add to my collection or if you try any of the recipes linked below!

Here’s hoping everyone has a fantastic Fall season filled with all the comforts this season offers.

Last but not least… GO DOGS! SIC EM!!!!

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  1. What a perfect brunch buffet in preparation for a big game day! The Sterno Buffet Chafer took the pressure off the timing of all foods to be ready at the same time. Prep ahead and keep the dish hot and ready while the other recipes are being assembled and readied. I’m hooked!
    I can’t wait to borrow this chafer for Tgiving while awaiting my two new Chafers to arrive. An upcoming bridal shower and Bunco dinner are already scheduled on my calendar. Stress reliever and classy…thank you Sterno Chafer!


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